About Us

Nightline is a confidential listening support and information service for students. Anyone can call us anonymously to talk about struggles, troubles, and anxieties. There is no matter too small or banal for Nightline. At the other end of the phone, another student will listen to whatever is on your mind. Callers typically describe issues regarding their studies, test anxiety, conflicts with their partner or family, arguments with roommates or loneliness. We are there for you at night when you might not be able to contact friends or family. Since we are student volunteers, we will hopefully be able to put ourselves into your shoes easily.

Are you new in town? In need of course guidance? We can also help you with questions regarding your studies and life in Konstanz. We will also gladly refer you to the organizations that best fit your needs.

Since May 2011 students can call 07531 – 206 886 any time between 9 pm and 1 am. Nightline is there for you on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. In addition, you can create an anonymous online account and email us at any time.

Anything you share with us is confidential. You only need to disclose as much as you feel comfortable to. Similarly our volunteers will remain anonymous.

Our volunteers stem from various departments and receive regular training from a psychologist for their service on the phone and for writing emails. However, we are no professionals and do not aim to substitute psychological counselling or psychotherapy. We think of ourselves more in terms of filling the gap between other available services. We will neither advice nor instruct you what to do. We are there to listen to you and will not judge.

Nightline Konstanz orientates itself by the model of other Nightlines in Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Especially in the United Kingdom, Nightline has been established for many years and enjoys great popularity among students. For an overview of all Nightlines in Germany and Switzerland visit www.nightlines.eu.

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