An even greater birthday party!

veröffentlicht am 11.05.2015

Foto Nightline Geburtstag 2014

How time flies by! It’s already been four years now that Nightline Konstanz exists. Throughout the years, Nightline has grown up and extended its service continually. In December 2013, we went online and thus opened up an opportunity for telling us sorrows anywhere and anytime.

For this year’s birthday, as you might have guessed from this text already, we will make this service available in English, too. This way, we hope that truly every student feels that he or she can contact us – no matter what the issue is, no matter where he or she comes from. This is especially an open invitation to all international (exchange) students! Many of us know only too well how eerie it feels to arrive in a foreign country, often paired with homesickness, with confusion or anxiety. We will not belittle these feelings. We listen.

Even though we are no native speakers (at least none of us is at the moment), we feel confident that English will serve all of us well as a common language. On top of that we expect a visitor from Nightline’s ‚home country‘ (the UK) who will provide us with tips and tricks about the English version of Nightline’s special communication style.

So this year, we are thrilled to celebrate our birthday with a special invitation to all international students. From Monday, 10th of May, until Wednesday, 13th of May, we are present in the Uni Foyer with a stand to share our joy with you – as well as muffins and the best wishes for a happy day.

See you there!

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