At the start of every semester we are looking for students from all departments who are willing to engage in Nightline Konstanz e.V.

Becoming a member

Nightline Konstanz e.V. lives on voluntary work. In addition to the shifts on the phone and the answering of electronic messages, every member joins one of four teams and takes on a little task to help organizing our association. The tasks are manifold, so you have the opportunity to get involved according to your personal interests and abilities. You can become a Nightline member and join one of the teams without taking on any shifts. However, taking on shifts without participating in any of the teams is not possible.

Training new members

To prepare you for your shifts, an obligatory training weekend takes place at the start of each semester. On this training weekend you learn about the basic features of our association and get to know many other members. Together we discuss our fundamental principles and practice phone calls. Two or three weekends later, a further training on answering electronic messages will take place. This training day is obligatory, too.

Time requirements

During the lecture period, most members voluntarily take on four to five shifts. In addition, regular team meetings take place every two to four weeks. Once a month we have an informal get-together which will allow you to get to know all Nightliners. We also meet up to celebrate Christmas or our Nightline’s birthday together.


If you are interested in participating, simply email and we will send you further information. To help you get an idea of our association, information evenings are held several times during the semester. There, you can ask questions to experienced Nightliners and also register directly for the next training weekend. The invitation to the information evening will be sent to all interested students in time.

Important! Just as our callers remain anonymous, so do the Nightliners themselves. This allows us to remain a low-threshold offer. If you are thinking about joining Nightline, it is advisable NOT to discuss this potential engagement with your environment. You will thereby avoid curious questions in case you actually decide to participate.



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